Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish

Considerable time and effort is put into my hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, and the shining result is greatly preferred by customers. With a quality rarely found on other pianos, my refinished piano cases have a rich satin luster that compliments the exquisite details. The final, polished result is breathtaking and well worth the extra effort.

Although we specialize in piano restoration, we have the experience and knowledge to refinish a variety of items, which has even included interior jet panels, Hammond B-3, Leslie Cabinets, doors, trim, cabinetry, Amberola, and phonograph cabinets are some of the additional items we have a history of restoring. 

One of my driving passions is restoring beautiful antique grand pianos to their former glory.

I refurbish nearly all pre-owned pianos, including finely detailed art-case pianos and those with complex pin blocks for institutions and individual owners throughout the United States.  Refinishpiano.com has raised the bar for quality in the industry.

What makes my rebuilt pianos stand out is top quality components and materials, specialized and private techniques.   Using the highest quality materials and developing my own techniques.  I have longtime business relationships (over 30 years) with my providers therefore giving customers the greatest value.